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Technogeek with a big ol' splash of creativity. Do not shake!



Hello, I'm Jesus!

I am JesusNYC. I work with technology startups, advertising, event production, arts and photography in many ways. I started out with plans to make movies and hoping to play a role in the NYC film industry. I worked on TV and film sets but around the turn to HD Cinema, I became more interested in shooting stills & graphic arts and haven't looked back. My favorite part of photographing New York(ers) is that I get to share and hear some of the best stories of my city.

I shoot with a Canon, design graphics on a Mac with Adobe, paint murals with MTN spray paint and work on productions in the NYC region.

Although I am considered an Immigrant-New Yorker, in my heart I feel like I have lived here all my life. I know the city in and out - I have pictures to prove it! 

Pick your poison: call me, text, email, video chat - however you want to reach out, let's work on some beautiful projects together.

My best,

Jesus Ward


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